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Anyone involved in building reproductions, whether furniture, house restorations or other architectural projects, knows how difficult it can be to find the appropriate period nails. Cut Nails have great durability. They are also hard to pull out because the wood fibers are pushed downward and are wedged against the nails which prevent loosening. We once again offer the following cut nails for your period projects.

Decorative Wrought Head Nails simulate the hand-forged nails of the late 1700's. The head is three sided and has a black-oxide coating.

Clinch Rosehead Nails are buttonhead nails malleable enough to clinch, if needed. Useful for furniture, doors, siding, paneling.

Fine Cut Headless Brads are used where a slender nail minimizes splits, and especially in furniture, framing and cabinet work.

Fine Finish nails are slender. Used for furniture, doors, panels, etc. Olde Mill has a limited supply of cut nails that have heads reworked by a blacksmith to look like the real hand blacksmithed nails. Subject to availability and size.

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