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2018 Schedule of Classes! Currently being updated - new pictures available.

March 10-11: Affleck Chest on Chest -Review For those who have faithfully worked on the Affleck Chest on Chest for the last few years - a review for any final questions or issues. A concentration on the upper chest Top Box - the fretwork and plinth block carving in particular. If you have specific questions, please make sure you let me know in advance. 9-5 both days, if desired. $50.00

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March 24-25: Miniature Chest of Drawers from Chester County, Also termed a Child's Chest of Drawers. Pennsylvania, c . 1750 Primary wood is Walnut. H 27.5" x W 22" x D 13.5". Herbert and Peter Schiffer, authors of a great publication, Miniature Antique Furniture, state the following regarding this highly attractive miniature. "Its heavy and elaborate dentiled cornice makes this boldly designed chest of drawers particularly notable. Above the cornice is a separate piece of wood which forms a top with a vigorous moulded edge. Below the cornice is still another moulding. The unembellished drawers are ornamented by extremely large, original brasses and are arranged in the unusual fashion of two sets of short drawers over two long drawers. There is a step moulding and a convex moulding above the base which has a scalloped shirt and with a center drop ornamented by a carved inverted fan. An elaborately scalloped edge decorates the bracket feet on either side of which are large dovetails. The large wooden pegs used to hold it together are a noticeable feature of this piece." Pg 104. Courtesy Chester County Historical Society. This class has two parts. 9am -4-5 pm. Material extra. $350.00 per part.

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April 14-15: Chester County Line and Berry Decorated Desk, Part I, with Bess Naylor. This outstanding desk and its brother were built around 1747- 1757 by Hugh Alexander in the Nottingham area of southeastern Chester County, Pennsylvania. This was pioneer territory then and Hugh practiced many trades to provide for his family. These two exquisite desks are fine examples of his ability. Lisa Minardi and Wendy Cooper, authors of the exceptional book entitled Paint, Pattern & People, Furniture of Southcentral Pennsylvania, 1725-1850, state that "One of the distinctive features of these desks is the light and dark herring bone banding around the drawer fronts." Further, "The slant front - appears to be a replacement and has no inlay; however, the slant front on the desk made for James Alexander was elaborately inlaid ". The interior also boasts many "carefully crafted" hidden compartments. Lee Ellen Griffith has written about Line and Berry embellishments and her article in Antiques Magazine, May 1989, The Line and Berry Inlaid Furniture of eighteenth-century Chester County, Pennsylvania provides excellent information about this fascinating decorative technique. Steve Latta has also written much regarding the specifics of this fascinating technique. Additional features of this exceptional slant front desk follow. Interior writing area has a central well accessed by a sliding panel. The gallery is set at varying depths, providing great visual and practical interest. There are five sections, balanced on either side by drawers below and valances above over pigeonholes in four of those sections, two set at different depths. The center section is a drawer surmounted by a prospect door, with drawers inside. There are ledger drawers on either side of the prospect door, where the original has the date of completion inscribed in chalk. Some photos show this piece with bun feet, but research demonstrates that straight bracket feet were original as matched with the brother desk. This project is an exciting opportunity to construct an eighteenth-century desk with traditional techniques, learn slant front lid construction, complicated gallery layout, hidden compartment construction and, of course, inlaying banding and line and berry techniques. This is a sophisticated desk and deserving of out deep appreciation. Four parts. Must attend all parts. $350.00 per part. Material extra, cut list provided. 9a-5p. I am working on making the banding in advance, so purchase of that will be optional (perhaps you want to make your own).

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May 5-6: Build a Diminutive Taunton Chest by Robert Crosman, with Bess Naylor. By request, a small class great for beginners. Build a replica of these famous little Taunton Chests, the earliest painted pieces from New England documented from a single shop. We built two different chests last year but wanted one more that is quite diminutive. Seldom published as it is privately owned. $350.00. 9a 5p.

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June 23-24: Chester County Line and Berry Decorated Desk, Part II . 9am-5pm. $350.00.

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July 14-15: Miniature Chest of Drawers, Part II . 9am-5pm. $350.00.

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September 15-16: Chester County Line and Berry Decorated Desk, Part III, . 9am-5pm. $350.00.

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December 1-2: Chester County Line and Berry Decorated Desk, Part IV . 9am-5pm. $350.00.

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