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Japan Colors Shop Online
Japan Colors are pure basic pigments finely roller milled in a varnish-like vehicle. Highly concentrated colors. Use to tint paints, make stains, antiquing, stenciling, outdoor signs and touch-up. Flat luster. All Behlen.

Mica Powders Shop Online
These non-toxic, environmentally safe, non-tarnishing powders may be used instead of bronzing powders. Many colors are available. Use in virtually any varnish, shellac, lacquer or acrylic. Available in 100 grams. Other colors available upon request.

Mica Powder Sample Kit

Selection of Mica Powders in the Sample Kit.

Padding Materials Shop Online
Qualasole, the modern French Polish, is padded on to the raw wood or over existing shellac, varnish, lacquer, paint or enamel. Versatile. Durable results are achieved in a short amount of time. A desirable finish for leather. Can be applied with traditional pads of linen and wool, or with padding cloth. Furniture Powders are used to achieve a quick and permanent spot repair on most shades and kinds of wood finishes. Use with a cloth pad or brush in combination with Qualasole for a professional repair. Must use Special Solvent 710. Also quite useful for finishing turned objects when cut with Solvent 710. Qualarenu/Amalgamator used for renovating an old cracked, or alligatored finish. Works well on old varnish, lacquer, or shellac finishes. Also a great spot remover. May be brushed, sprayed, or padded on the old surface. For use on most surfaces. Need to add Solvent 710 to assist in the amalgamation. Will not work on polyurethane, epoxy, or polyester finishes.

Paints Shop Online
The Old Fashioned Milk Paints are the most authentic milk paints available today short of making your own from the individual ingredients (See Pigments, Glue). Used for the restoration of antiques and/or the finishing of reproductions. They are made from natural ingredients including milk and milk products, various earths such as lime, clay and colored oxides. Fast drying. Flat finish. Durable. Does not fade. Bio-degradeable, non-toxic and odor-free when dry. Short pot life. Color chart available upon request.

Milk Paints Sample

  (Click to View Old Fashioned Milk Paints color chart)

real milk paint samples real milk paint samples

(Real)Milk Paint color sample sticks.

Clear Coat is a water-based acrylic that when applied over Milk Paint protects the paint against water-spotting, dirt and abrasion. Can also be used as a natural finish for wood applied directly to clean surfaces. Safe to use on salad bowls and toys. Extra-Bond is mixed with Milk Paint before painting on surfaces such as glass, primed metal surfaces, many plastics and other painted surfaces. Helps Milk Paint to adhere to surface. Available in pints, quarts, or gallons.

Simulated Paints
The creators of Stulb Paint Co. have been Colour Craftsmen since 1816, specializing in the manufacture of high quality paints. Their generations of experience continue a quality of paint products acknowledged by leading national preservationists and historians. Attention to detail, use of natural pigments and painstaking historical accuracy have been hallmarks of Stulb's. The following products demonstrate their commitment to fine paint products.

The Colonial Williamsburg and Old Village Buttermilk Paints are colours from authentic period furniture from the Colonial Williamsburg's Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Center. They simulate the flat finish of the original finishes and are water based. Interior. Long storage. Glazes and Graining Liquid are oil based and used for decorative effects for graining, sponging, rag rolling, stippling, Marbling, and other faux finishes. Available in pints, quarts, or gallons. Color chart available with SASE.

Oil Paints
Stulb's oil-based interior and exterior Old Village Restoration Paints have been developed after years of research on historic homes in the USA. They are a low sheen, velvet finish, achieved in an economical one-coat application (because of high pigment content). Reproduces historic finishes. Excellent washability, adhesion, durability and color retention. Old Village Colours authentically reproduce colors historically appropriate to the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Available in pints, quarts, or gallons. Color charts available with SASE.

Pure Linseed Oil White House Paint
Excellent one-coat coverage and protection. Slow drying. Exterior. Breinig's formula.

Bright Red Barn / Roof Paint - Vulcan Red
Red oxide and linseed oil were 18th and 19th century exterior paint basics. Used as a primer and as a finish. Complies with Federal VOC regulations. Use on bridges, silos, barns, roofs, any exterior needing a rust inhibiting finish.

Pigments (Earth) Shop Online
Earth Pigments are super refined dry pigments for coloring, tinting, and mixing of paints, shellacs, fillers, lacquer, etc. Useful for touch-up. Opaque finish. Very versatile. An excellent discourse on frescos and other finishing materials is printed in Painting Materials, by Gettens (see our Book Selection). Available in one pound amounts unless otherwise specified.

Note: Use Titanium Dioxide to blend a darker color into a lighter color. (Example: Mix 1 part of Prussian Blue with approximately 50 parts of Titanium Dioxide to make Ultramarine Blue). One pound prices unless otherwise noted.

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