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CSA Sharpening Workshop - Announcement!

Carvers Sharpening Apprentice Workshop: Saturday, Dec 2, 2023 10:00am-2:00pm
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Olde Mill is your premier source for handcrafted period furniture pieces created with the same kind of tools as used in the 18th century. We specialize in a very limited number of reproductions and copies of 18th century American furniture, particularly in the Queen Anne, Chippendale and Pennsylvania German styles. Meticulous care is taken to reproduce select examples as demonstraing the most exemplary pieces of Colonial American craftsmanship.

Our online catalog lists an extensive line of finishing supplies from exotic material as Dragon's Blood and Copals to many grades and kinds of shellac flakes,natural dyes, as available, aniline dyes (water, alcohol and oil soluble), NGRs and light fast dyes, to name only a few.

Olde Mill also continues a decade-plus of dedication to offering educational opportunities to those seriously interested in furthering their woodworking knowledge. Seminar speakers range from internationally recognized folks to unknown heroes who are highly skilled in a specific area. Topics widely range from hands-on opportunities in specific techniques such as antique touch-up and repair building period furniture to faux finishing.

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